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GRACELABS offers a variety of flexible business models to its customers. These business models, coupled with the technical expertise and advantages of operating from India, helps in providing very cost effective, value adding, high tech solutions. The business models are :
Time and Material
Time and Material based pricing model is suitable when it is difficult to predict the scope and effort involved at the outset of a project due to :
  • New emerging technology.
  • Evolving requirements due to lack of experience/evolving market.
  • Integration of heterogeneous environments/third party dependence.
  • Parallel development of hardware and software for controlling the hardware. Eg. Parallel development of a NIC and the device driver for the NIC.
  • Exploratory nature of some technology projects.
  • For ongoing projects such as support/enhancements of protocol stacks/Operating system kernel software/device drivers.
Fixed price turnkey
In this model the customer pays a pre negotiated fixed amount. This model is suitable when the requirements are clear and fixed and the project execution effort can be estimated fairly easily eg. Device driver for a stable NIC / protocol stack based on an IEEE standard.
The steps involved in this model are :
  • Onsite requirement analysis and scoping.
  • Proposal submission including acceptance criteria from GRACELABS.
  • Project sign off.
  • Project plan including time schedule/resources/communication methodology is drawn up.
  • GRACELABS manages the execution and development environment as per the quality processes followed by GRACELABS/Customer. The customer is informed through documents/reviews, status reporting through conference calls and email.
  • Acceptance testing is done at the customer site by the customer with assistance from GRACELABS.
  • The acceptance signoff and release of the product by the customer.
  • The post release maintenance services take care of bug fixes/enhancements, if desired by the customer.
Joint development
In this, part of the software development cost is born by the customer and the rest by GRACELABS and for each piece of software that is sold by the customer, a pre negotiated royalty is paid to GRACELABS.. The IP is shared between the customer and GRACELABS.

  • Same as T&M except for change in the payment mode.
  • A low risk option for the customer, as the cost of development would be less than other models, depending on the royalty fee.On one end, when the royalty fee is zero, the cost becomes that of T&M. When the royalty fee is high the cost becomes much less compared to T&M for the customer.
  • Advantageous to the customer, when the market for the product is not ready or not predictable.
This is suitable:
  • When the market for the product is not known.
  • When the focus is on cutting cost without slowing down on the product development.
  • Software for futuristic products/technologies to get the time to market advantage while keeping the cost low.
Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) model:
Under this model, an engineering team committed to meet the needs of the customer exclusively will be set-up. This model, while offering the customers the flexibility to manage their resource capacity and utilization, will not, however, increase the cost per engineer. Under this model, a dedicated engineering facility will be set up and hosted by GRACELABS. The advantages are –
  • 'Siloed' infrastructure (including networks, resources etc) leading to complete IP protection.
  • Focused set of engineering resources, that complements the customer's engineering group.
  • Ability to control the hiring of resources and talent development, including value-delivery chain roles.
  • All resources under one roof make it easier to implement customer's preferred set of processes.
  • Mitigates the risks associated with business re-alignment.
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