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  GRACELABS built us the host Linux driver for our 802.11 ab/g WLAN device ATS1400. Athena semiconductors, a WLAN startup, built one of the first dual band 802.11 device in the market.

GRACELABS expertize in Linux helped us, in a very short time, to support ATS1400 in Linux environment providing us a time-to-market advantage into one of the key OS segments. This wouldn't have been possible if not for the strength of GRACELABS in Linux and strong good customer support. I would always recommend GRACELABS for any development and support in the Linux environment.

AthenaSemiconductors, acquired by Broadcom in 2005, was a startup in 802.11 WLAN semiconductors and was one of the earliest pioneers in bringing to market a dual band 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz device to market.

Manohar Sambandam
Director, IC Design Engineering
Broadcom India Research Limited

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We bring significant value to relationships by helping semiconductor manufacturers in going beyond silicon design to target their chips to specific markets and assisting them to build reference designs and proof of concept end use applications.

We help processor manufacturers in developing reference designs or full-scale prototyping of processor boards for specific applications/products. The products include network/telecom equipment, video conferencing systems, video broadcast equipment, VoIP systems, wireless communication devices, tele-medicine and office equipment.

Our services in this area include:
  • Firmware development including POST/Diagnostics, BSP/Boot code, glue logic, and device drivers for on-board & external interfaces
  • Driver development for network interfaces, audio/video interfaces, flash memory devices, storage devices, wireless devices, human interface devices, LED/LCD displays and MMI controls.
  • Middleware development, customization, and integration in a product setting
  • Embedded application development including on-board controllers, media players/servers, GUIs and application middleware, customization and optimization for mips/speed depending on the target processor.
  • Firmware development for microcontrollers
  • Real Time Operating Systems
Case Studies :
  Development of WiMax Driver Software
  Performance Improvement of a USB ethernet Device driver on Windows
  Device Driver For a PCI Express Root Complex Device
GRACELABS participates in Embedded System Conference Silicon Valley
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GRACELABS adds leading company in the semiconductor industry as new client.
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