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"GRACELABS continues to fulfill our engineering requirements by taking a project concept and completing to our satisfaction. I can't think of a better embedded partner than GRACELABS."

Ken Whitaker
Director of Engineering
Datalight Inc.
“We are pleased to be working with GRACELABS. GRACELABS has shown commitment to our business needs by providing us with the right resources. Their consultants bring top quality technology skills and professionalism to their jobs”

Shubho Kundu
Vice-President - HR
LGSI, Bangalore
“We have been working with GRACELABS for three years. We are very satisfied their software performance and service quality. We are very happy to work with this long term partner in our future coming projects.”

Mr. Eric Chen
President and CEO
A Taiwan based OEM company
"Since 2004, we have been working with GRACELABS for development/validation of Board bring up software/BSP, firmware, host based device drivers, diagnostic software, Boot ROM code and pre board bring up simulation software for several of our storage/networking platforms. We have found them to be a very reliable and dedicated partner. They have been fully integrated into our team and play a significant role in getting our products to market on time.”

Shanti Subbaraman
Head, India Development Centre
of a Multinational Storage Company
"Grace System Technology Labs. was instrumental in helping us in the development of WLAN device drivers on USB platforms. Their deep expertise in USB drivers proved out to be extremely beneficial for us in quickly coming up with our USB based 802.11 products. We thank for the excellent support provided during the software development phase and subsequently in testing the complete solution. "

Satyanarayana Rao
VP-IC Engineering
Redpine Signals
We have been partnering with GRACELABS for four years. GRACELABS has good set of engineers with special skills in the area of host and device drivers/BSP for embedded systems. They are quite patient, keen to learn and apply their expertise in solving problems. The engineers quickly adopts themselves to the requirements in these segments that has helped Ittiam in providing solutions to customers.

Ravishankar Ganesan
Ittiam Systems
"GRACELABS has excellent expertise on device drivers. Our engagement with them required thorough understanding of Windows PCI Subsystem/device drivers. We are pleased with GRACELABS turnaround time and their ability to help us with certain firmware problems in the process. We look forward to working with the GRACELABS team in future on device driver/firmware projects."

Sanjeev Mehta
Software Manager
Rambus Chip Technologies

“We had an opportunity to work with GRACELABS in the area of Windows device drivers. This being a niche area, not much expertise is found in the market. GRACELABS has very good expertise in this area and this helped us in realizing our project deliverables. I would recommend them for any requirements on Windows device drivers.”

Girisha B S
Director – Software
Wiquest Semiconductors India P LTD, 10/Nov/2008

“GRACELABS did an excellent job for us while porting and customizing USB stack to UBoot for MIPS platform with very good quality and in time delivery.

They have shown high levels of maturity in all interactions with us to take the project into production stage in a given timeframe.”

Suresh Cheppalli
Senior Manager
Genesis Microchip
"We have partnered with GRACELABS on Windows CE device drivers/diagnostic and related software development and WMM/Cisco CCX certification support for Wireless LAN devices on our Handheld platforms. We have found them to be very competent and they have done an excellent job in helping us get the CCX certification. GRACELABS has very good expertise on device drivers/system software. We are very satisfied with the service quality and dedication and look forward to working with them on future software projects."

Sanjeev Sharma
Socket Mobile Inc.
“GRACELABS has good expertise in USB protocols and host based/embedded device drivers. We have worked with them in the development of Windows USB COM Port Mux driver, VxWorks based embedded USB CDC-ACM protocol driver and Mux driver for one of our Satellite Communication Products”.

Senior Manager
Software & Protocol Development
Addvalue Technologies Ltd. - Singapore.
GRACELABS has good expertise in device drivers. We worked with GRACELABS in porting the Wireless driver and USB driver for Linux on embedded processor.

Huzefa Saifee
Verismo Networks
We worked with GRACELABS for about two years in our host based Windows driver development, we are pleased about their knowledge in the domain, and their friendly support through the development phases.

Suresh Thiyagarajan
Embedded Architect
Navini Networks
GRACELABS built us the host Linux driver for our 802.11 ab/g WLAN device ATS1400. Athena semiconductors, a WLAN startup, built one of the first dual band 802.11 device in the market.

GRACELABS expertize in Linux helped us, in a very short time, to support ATS1400 in Linux environment providing us a time-to-market advantage into one of the key OS segments. This wouldn't have been possible if not for the strength of GRACELABS in Linux and strong good customer support. I would always recommend GRACELABS for any development and support in the Linux environment.

AthenaSemiconductors, acquired by Broadcom in 2005, was a startup in 802.11 WLAN semiconductors and was one of the earliest pioneers in bringing to market a dual band 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz device to market.

Manohar Sambandam
Director, IC Design Engineering
Broadcom India Research Limited

"GRACELABS has carved a niche for itself in the device driver and network protocol domain - thanks to the technical skills of its engineers and business skills of its founder. The company is good at providing services and engineers with certain key skills at relatively short notice. With a bit of technical guidance, GRACELABS engineers add a lot of value, are dedicated and end up working long term with clients."

Principal Engineer
Beceem Communications


I worked wih Madhu Illam and GRACELABS from 2002- 2004.

I was very impressed by his capabilities and the quality and timeliness of the deliverables from GRACELABS.

Madhu is an excellent engineer and an outstanding professional. He solved a critical performance problem in one of Moschip's device drivers. He was always available and very responsive.

Madhu focussed on building a long term relationship and his charges were very reasonable. I recommend GRACELABS and Madhu to any company seeking a quality partnership.

I would gladly work with him if I get the opportunity again.

P S Narayanan
VP of Engineering
Moschip Semiconductor

“GraceLabs offered us an on-site engineering team to  integrate wireless support on a Nucleus based embedded platform. Their dedicated engineers were quick in picking up the development environment and delivered on time with good debugging abilities.  They have good understanding of USB protocol and related technologies”.

Vineet Govil
Director – Embedded Control Software Group
A Consumer Electronics Company
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