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  "Since 2004, we have been working with GRACELABS for development/ validation of Board bring up software/ BSP, firmware, host based device drivers, diagnostic software, Boot ROM code and pre board bring up simulation software for several of our storage/ networking platforms. We have found them to be a very reliable and dedicated partner. They have been fully integrated into our team and play a significant role in getting our products to market on time.”

Shanti Subbaraman
Head, India Development Centre of a Multinational Storage Company

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GRACELABS offers its customers :
Requisite technical expertise : Being highly focused on Device drivers/Protocols/Embedded systems, we have the requisite technical expertise to add value to the customer products. Every engineer is made to undergo thorough hands on training spanning 5 to 6 months. We believe it is this focus on expertise building that sets us apart from others. Many of our customers have confirmed this.

Minimal Ramp up time: The stream lined training process and internal resource pool makes it easy for us to build quality teams for our customers in relatively short time with minimal ramp up time.

Quality Process : We have built a culture where quality is a way of life and everyone who joins becomes a part of it automatically. A lot of attention is being given to adherence to the process in spirit.
OUR Quality Policy is
"We at GRACELABS endeavor to achieve the highest
level of customer satisfaction in product services
and support which we offer in Hardware, Software
and Technical Consultancy through Continuous
Improvement and Innovations"
Customer Orientation :
  • We believe our success lies in the product success and would go the extra mile to help make the customer’s product a success.
  • By reducing the cost we are able to provide a cost structure which is highly favorable in comparison with others.
  • We are proactive and very responsive to meet the TIME TO MARKET demands.

Focus on product success : The team culture has been built to act as an extended team of the customer team with total dedication to the product success. We go the extra mile to help make the product a success.

Flexible business plans : We believe that every customer is unique and the requirements could vary. We adapt our way of working to help you meet your needs. We have a combination of flexible business models which would meet the needs of most. We are open to new business models.

Focus on building win-win relationships : We believe in building win-win relationships, through quality processes, high quality deliverables and reliability. Our culture/communication methodology is built with that in mind.

GRACELABS involved in NVMe Software Stack/drivers on PCI Express Switch
GRACELABS involved in OFED stack and RDMA NDKPI driver development
GRACELABS participates in Embedded System Conference Silicon Valley
GRACELABS participates in Computex Taipei
GRACELABS adds Japanese world leader in Consumer Electronics as new client
GRACELABS adds US world leader in Wireless and Networking Technologies as new client
GRACELABS adds European Semiconductor giant a new client
GRACELABS adds US Automation & Test Instrumentation Company as new client
GRACELABS adds world leader in Test, measurement and monitoring technology as new client.
GRACELABS adds leading company in the semiconductor industry as new client.
GraceLabs is an ISO27001:2013 Certified Company
GraceLabs is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
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