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Centre of Excellence
CoEs (Centers of Excellence) are focused in tune with the latest innovations and developments in specialized technology areas. The CoEs are involved in R&D and constant skill updation of CoE experts in these technologies. GRACELABS involves and invests good amount of time and resources to develop the COE to serve the needs of the Global Clientele.
Android Centre of Excellence
GRACELAB offers a range of services on Android. These include:
  • Android porting and integration
  • Driver Development
  • Application Development
  • Integrating devices into the Android Infrastructure
  • Full system design
  • Product validation and testing
GRACELABS's Android Team has the capability and expertise to offer Android based development services in many domains including:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Home and Building Automation
  • Medical Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Telecom & Mobile Computing
  • Storage & Networking
GRACELAB was one of the early players in Android in the Mobile Computing domain. GRACELABS’s Android expeditions began in late 2007 when Google released the binary version of the initial Android SDK.
GRACELAB’s Android team has significant experience in porting and integrating Android on various hardware platforms and has been instrumental in building some of the world’s first products based on Android which include:
  • System Level Drivers on Android Handsets
  • Middleware Development
  • Various Applications on Android Handsets
  • Porting of Android on various hardware platforms
GRACELABS participates in Embedded System Conference Silicon Valley
GRACELABS participates in Computex Taipei
GRACELABS adds Japanese world leader in Consumer Electronics as new client
GRACELABS adds US world leader in Wireless and Networking Technologies as new client
GRACELABS adds European Semiconductor giant a new client
GRACELABS adds US Automation & Test Instrumentation Company as new client
GRACELABS adds world leader in Test, measurement and monitoring technology as new client.
GRACELABS adds leading company in the semiconductor industry as new client.
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