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  GRACELABS has good expertise in device drivers. We worked with GRACELABS in porting the Wireless driver and USB driver for Linux on embedded processor.

Huzefa Saifee
Director, Verismo Networks

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BSP/Operating System
Some of the Projects in which we have been involved are:
  • Porting of Linux onto/Writing BSP for an ARM board.
  • Embedded Linux BSP for Samsung processor (S3C2413X) based board for multimedia device.
  • Porting of Linux onto/Writing BSP for a DAPDNA based processor board.
  • Porting of VxWorks/Writing BSP for CS89712 embedded board.
  • Porting of WinCE onto/ Writing WinCE BSP for Intel XSCALE based board for Electronic voting machine
  • Porting of WinCE onto/ Writing WinCE BSP for Intel XSCALE based board for testing equipment.
  • Writing WinCE BSP to support Hitachi SH7727 based traffic signal controller board.
  • Windows file system/filter driver development.
  • On Linux-Java Platform Marvell-8686 WIFI Driver Support.
  • Android OMAP3430 TI-1271 WIFI Driver Support.
  • Keypad and Capacitive touch support on Qualcomm’s MSM6246 based device.
  • Nucleus BSP and related drivers for a Cell phone platform based on TI Neptune Processor.
    This involved:
    OS porting
    Driver/software for :
          IC Identification
          Dedicated Lock (Touchscreen lock in pocket)
          Support for Cypress Antioch USB chip
          CMS key support
          watchdog timers
          External memory interface
          Power Key
          Accessory detection
          Backlight support
          Keypad light support using IO-Expander
    HWCONFIG block (Part of Flash used to keep Phone configuration info).
    Smart Battery Charging Management for phone charger
  • SIM Card Management
    The Hardware is replaced with the TI Board.
    The Lower level modules are changed to support the New Hardware.
    The Scope of work is to modify the SCSM and replace the existing tightly coupled SCPC
        (driver) with TI’s SIM driver.
    The TI’s SIM Card reader Driver supports a BAT( Binary AT ) interface.
    The SCSM is modified to send the BAT commands and receive the response.
  • Maintenance of Bluetooth and USB stack for cell phones.
  • Porting of Windows CE BSP for S3C24A0A to Windows Mobile 6.0 – The work involved modifications to the Ethernet Boot loader, development of the IPL and Configuring the Windows Mobile Image for the Image Update Model.
  • Debugging of the Serial, USB Serial Driver and debugging the audio driver on Windows Mobile 6.0 for the S3C24A0A.
  • Windows driver and related software for Wireless data card.
  • Porting of Android to beagle board from TI
  • Storage Processor Emulation Board Bring up. This involved :
    Basic and Advanced Boot Code porting and new features addition
    Flash programming and code download support
    UART driver.
    Setting up Compilation Environment (Metaware compiler) and Building image for Emulation
        Platform for Storage Processor.
    Proprietary Tools porting for storage processor platform.
    MQX RTOS BSP, PSP Porting and MQX OS Bring up on the Storage Processor Board.
    ARC SeeCode Debugger Porting for emulation platform.
             Debugger Library was ported from Windows to Linux.
             JTAG Support of Debugger was implemented.
             Debugger Support for various Arc cores in the emulation platform was enabled.
  • Raptor ASIC board (RBUB) bring up and Diagnostics.
  • FC/ISCSI multi port HBA Bring up and Diagnostics.
  • 10G Multi port NIC Card Bring up and Diagnostics.
  • Design and development of boot code and BSP based on threadX RTOS for multi processor Arm cortex-r4 platform.
  • Linux 2.6 BSP for Samsung - S3C2413 based board. This involved :
    ARM Cross Compile Tool Chain
    Boot Loader, Flash Driver, SDRAM Test
    Kernel Porting and Bring up
    ATA Driver, I2C Driver, DMA Driver, GPIO Driver
    BusyBox, Ramdisk build
    Applications and Support
  • Linux 2.4 BSP for Samsung - S3C24A0 based board. This involved :
    ARM Cross Compile Tool Chain
    Boot Loader, Flash Driver
    Kernel Porting and Bring up
    DMA Driver, GPIO Driver
    Applications and Support
  • Linux 2.6 drivers on TI TMS320DM6446 based board. This involved :
    GPIO Driver and Audio Support
    SD Card Driver
    SDIO Driver
    EDMA Driver
  • Video Decoder Driver on TMS320DM6441
  • Linux 2.4 drivers on Samsung - S3C24A0A based board. This involved :
    LCD Framebuffer driver
    HDMI Driver
    I2C Client driver
    Audio Driver
  • Linux 2.6 drivers on TMS320DM6441 based board. This involved :
    Custom Power controller Driver
    Battery Gas Gauge Driver
    Support Kernel HRT driv
    JFFS2 filesystem
  • Wince 6.0 drivers on TMS320DM6446 based board. This involved :
    OnChip USB Host Controller Driver
    USB WLAN Driver for the ZD1211 device
    WinCE BSP porting from Sfumato on Texas -TMS320DM6441 based Davinci board
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