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  "We have partnered with GRACELABS on Windows CE device drivers/diagnostic and related software development and WMM/Cisco CCX certification support for Wireless LAN devices on our Handheld platforms. We have found them to be very competent and they have done an excellent job in helping us get the CCX certification. GRACELABS has very good expertise on device drivers/system software. We are very satisfied with the service quality and dedication and look forward to working with them on future software projects."

Sanjeev Sharma
Manager, Socket Mobile Inc

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Some of the Projects in which we have been involved are:
  • Design and implementation of Layer 2 protocol (STP/RSTP/GARP/GVRP/GMRP) stack for Linux.
  • Design and Implementation of iSCSI protocol stack on Windows/Linux.
  • Design and implementation of USB device stack on Linux/Windows/Windows CE.
  • Bug fixing on Bluetooth/USB stack.
  • Design and implementation of LACP protocol on Windows/Linux
  • Design and implementation of PPPoE protocol intermediate driver for Windows.
  • Porting of 3GPP TE-UE Multiplexer protocol intermediate driver to Windows 2000.
  • 3GPP TE-UE Multiplexer protocol on Linux.
  • Conversion of Wireless LAN station to Access Point by adding Wireless LAN protocol features to the driver.
  • Support for Quality of service in the form of priority queues and Leaky bucket algorithm.
  • 802.1x/EAP/AKA supplicant protocol on Windows for WIMAX device.
  • ROHC header compression protocol software along with WIMAX driver.
  • Design and implementation of Wireless LAN driver and protocol for PCI based PRISM chipset on Linux and Windows. It implements a basic host based Access point based on PRISM chipset.
  • WLAN WMM (Cisco CCX version 3) implementation on WinCE
  • Design and implementation of Nucleus driver and protocol modules (802.1x, WPA, WMM) for Ralink USB WLAN chipset.
  • Involved in FabricX EMC Shim layer Implementation for Invista product on Storage Processor platform. The work involved entire Frame Work Design and Implementation.
  • Negative Path implementation for TPM (Transport Manager) for Storage Processor platform.
  • I2C,SMBUS protocol layer implementation in the firmware for device to act as both Master and Slave.
  • MDIO protocol layer implementation to access PHY,PMA,PMD modules for 10G Ethernet Module.
  • USB device drivers and function drivers for CDC ACM and 3G-PP Multiplexer protocol for Virtual serial ports over USB on Windows, Apple MAC, VxWorks and Linux.
  • USB HID (Mouse And Keyboard), Mass storage, CDC-ACM, CDC Ethernet, USB-WMC function drivers on Linux.
  • USB MTP stack on embedded Linux.
  • USB mass storage support for UBOOT on MIPS platform.
  • USB firmware and corresponding Windows driver for USB interface support for WLAN device.
  • Design and implementation of Nucleus driver and protocol modules (802.1x, WPA, WMM) for Ralink USB WLAN chipset.
  • Design and implementation of Windows driver and protocol modules (802.1x, WPA, WMM) for Ralink USB WLAN chipset.
  • Host mode and device mode drivers for Transdimension USB OTG device on Sirf embedded Linux board to support mass storage, HID, Serial and ethernet classes.
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