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Testing and Validation
GRACELABS' expertise in Quality Engineering are –
  • Test cases planning, design and test scripts development.
  • Test environment set-up and test execution.
  • Implementation of processes to do QA for products/ applications.
Specific test skills are –
  • Black box/ White box testing.
  • Functional testing.
  • Integration and System testing.
  • Regression and Load/Soak testing.
  • V & V, conformance and certification testing.
  • Automating the test suite
Specific application / Product areas where we have domain skills to carry out testing are –
  • Communication - Networking / Telecom products.
  • Embedded applications / BSPs / Drivers.
  • Storage protocols / applications / Products.
  • Management applications in
    Web Applications
Some of the Projects with strong testing/diagnostic component in which we have been involved are:
  • McData Production level Diagnostics and Boot code reorganization for a Storage processor Based product and Support.
  • Ad1500 Production Level Diagnostics and boot code reorganization and Support.
  • Storage Processor Platform Diagnostics :
    - Frame Work porting and redesign.
    - Finding Hardware Level Bugs and reporting.
    - Working with Chip Design Team and emulation Board teams to Debug and fix the Bugs.
  • ARC SeeCode Debugger Porting for emulation platform.
    - Debugger Library was ported from Windows to Linux.
    - JTAG Support of Debugger was implemented.
    - Debugger Support for various Arc cores in the emulation platform was enabled.
  • Raptor ASIC board (RBUB) bring up and Diagnostics.
  • FC/ ISCSI multi port HBA Bring up and Diagnostics.
  • 10G Multi port NIC Card Bring up and Diagnostics.
  • Diagnostic software for Switching platform
  • Diagnostic firmware, HAL, Drivers for on chip PCIe functionality testing (ASIC in RC and EP Mode). The firmware processes and generates TLP.
  • Production level Diagnostics and Multi card/HBA test platform interface software/ firmware development for NIC and FC HBAs.
  • Raw test driver for SD/ MMC card on embedded Linux and Uboot.
  • Embedded Linux test project (LTP) for Kernel Debugging.
  • Bring up of Asic FPGA emulation on HAPS rapid prototyping platform with Arm cortex-r4 tile.
  • HCT testing/ Enhancements/ Bug fixing for WHQL certification of 802.11 a/b/g chipset driver on Windows.
  • DTM testing/ Enhancements/ Bug fixing for WHQL certification of Wimax chipset driver on Windows.
  • DTM testing/ Enhancements/ Bug fixing for WHQL certification of Wireless data card.
  • DTM testing/ Enhancements/ Bug fixing for WHQL certification of Wireless media gateway.
  • File system test suite development and testing on Windows.
  • Wireless data card test suite enhancements and testing on Windows, Linux and apple Mac.
  • Linux test suite development.
Case Studies :
  Windows PCI WLAN Driver - WHQL certification
  Development of software for an Intelligent Storage Processor
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